Anna Von Reitz is forcing association again and commits many crimes just by opening her mouth!


PUBLISHED IN THE Continental Free Press ON 03-11-2022


Anna Von Reitz is forcing association again! LINK We published THE T-ROH SHOW on 03-08-2022. We obviously struck a nerve because Anna Von Reitz is coming out blasting with both guns. We never even mentioned her name through the whole 40 minutes. 


Watch and you will see what Anna Von Reitz is so threatened about: 

On the 10th Anna Von Reitz starts attacking The Reign of the Heavens Society saying that the The Reign of the Heavens Society is funded by opus dei members. We asked around and no one has ever seen any money from any one from any other organization or any religious group.  It is illegal to write lies folks, it is further illegal to publish associations by and between organizations that do not exist.

Anna Von Reitz does not care if what she writes is true or not because she has another scheme going on with local banks and assemblies that ultimately ends up in a check kiting scheme. More of her followers will end up going to jail for writing bad checks. 

Anna Von Reitz is claiming that different continents are claiming their assets which is another lie because Anna Von Reitz never shows any proof of what she claims. 

Under the rules of first in time and first in right, the people claimed The United States of America when Anna Von Reitz was still trying to claim the so-called real United States and not the incorporated one. Same tactic she used to try to steal The United States of America for herself. 

When Anna Von Reitz starts calling herself Grandma, watch out because she is getting ready to lie her butt off. 

If anyone knows where Anna Von Reitz lives, please let us know: LINK

Published by the National assembly for the Government of The United States of America